Lucky Lucky Lucky


for some time now
been lusting after a little Pearl

just got Lucky
its in a basement a few hundred
miles from here
its mine just haul it away

ruff enough to warrant full rebuilt
but small enough to not be too too
much work

guess i know what this winters
project is going to be

yours truly

image: Pearl-Press-Photos-1-1.jpg


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Congrats, what a lucky find indeed!

Hi Mac,

Nice find. Looks pretty complete except for the boards and support brackets. Maybe they have them though. Its always good to remove them before moving as they are quite fragile. If you run into any issue, don’t be afraid to contact me. I’ve got a bit of Pearl knowledge and quite a few parts.


Nice! I just restored one and John Falstrom made me fantastic trucks and cores for the new rollers…highly recommended. Over here in Europe they are called Peerless Presses but seem to be almost identical. There don’t seem to be that many around.

Good luck.

I’d file that find under jackpot! Easy to move and will make an amazing press once its all fixed up.

lucky, for sure. proud owner of a pearl and it’s the best. have fun.

Just put pictures up of my Improved #11 that I picked up back in the spring in another thread. Pearls are great presses.