Ugg, printers vs. scrappers.

It drives me nuts when someone scraps out a press rather than give it a chance on a new life. I went to see a C&P 8x12 a month or so ago close to me. It was a fixer uppper at best, with few minor missing parts, but had some potential. The person had seen rebuilt/print ready presses for sale ebay and etsy (?) and wanted and absurd amount of money for it. I gave him what I considered a very generous offer for its condition was which was refused a few days later. So I follow up today and find out he let a scrapper digging through his trash take a sledge to it and haul it away.

Scrappers you win this round but I’ll be back!

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We are often caught between the scraper vs the fair value. If the scrap value is $400.00 then it is hard for the owner to take less.

The press came with the house, I don’t think the owner apreciated what he had. That and I assume when I made my offer it just made him mad :) but it was the best offer I was willing to make.


Likely he got more from the scrapper than you were willing to offer. Sort of a no brainer.

Saving it from scrap can sometimes involve visiting the scrapyard , there you get to pay a bit over the scrap price and get the stuff craned onto your truck !!
One of my mates often aquires from the yards here , some yards have an attitude that stinks and some are fine .