I can’t get my rollers in the saddle.

I just bought new rollers and Morgan expansion trucks for my C&P 8x12 New Style. They are specifically for this size C&P. So here’s the problem- I can’t get them to fit in the saddle. The trucks seem to stick out just slightly too far on the core even after I’ve slid them as far down toward the roller as possible. One roller fits, the other two do not, and one of the roller cores simply is too fat for the truck I think so I can’t get it all the way down (I’ve put this one aside). help… please…

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Make sure that the notches on the trucks slip into the little protrusions on the core, thus locking the core and the two trucks together as one unit. If they aren’t locked together, that may be giving you the excess length. I just bought new rollers from NA Graphics and they fit perfectly with the old Morgan Expansion Trucks that I already had.

Thanks for the input. The notches are joined up but it’s a no-go. A few slip on really easily but the others are extremely tight fits. Still, they are in as far as they can go. My rollers are from American Printing Equipment and the trucks are from NA Graphics. I didn’t think it’d be an issue to get them from different places- is it?

My new cores are 17 3/4 inches long. They fit a C & P Old Series 8 X 12 press. It shouldn’t matter where you buy them. C & Ps are common presses and rollers should be standard.

just in case anyone else ever has this issue- i finally fixed it. i had to grind down the exposed thread on the trucks after expansion, which was possible because they were MERTS, so that they would fit between the roller saddles (thankfully, i had access to a metal grinder).
thanks, kevin, for the advice.