Korrex Stuttgart Cylinder Rebuild

Hi All,
I am new to letterpress, and the terminology, and using a Korrex Stuttgart which the previous user seems to have dis/reassembled the cylinder. Something is not right with the paper release action.

I am hoping some of you may have or know of documentation that shows a parts list and assembly diagram or photos of the cylinder.


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Korrex still exist, but only making offset litho presses, it might be worth contacting. I believe there is a forum based in Switzerland for FAG presses, very similar, might also be worth contacting this too, otherwise people here and on Vanderblog could help if you post accurate photos and desciptions

At a guess (since it may have been removed by the previous owner) I suspect the cylinder is “out of time” and thus not hitting the release mechanism correctly. There may be match marks on the cylinder gear and bed for the correct position. If they are matched, there is some other problem.


Here is where you can find a lot of documentation on the Korrex presses:


Scroll down to Korrex Stuttgart and downlaod the instructions.

Korrex still holds parts and sells refurbished presses as well.
Good luck.

Thank you all for your referrences and advice. I should get some photos posted, but that will have to wait a few days. We are also busy removing who knows how many years worth of rust from Bangkok humidity.
My press partner is in contact with Korrex, so hopefully that will lead to something.
The history of the press is somewhat interesting in that it was donated to a Thai univesity directly from a Korrex I believe, although it could have been another German institution.
Turns out the previous printer did not disassemble it. We are going to have him over to ask his advice and how he delt with it. I will look into the timing.

Thanks again. I will post updates