Korrex Hannover

Hi there.
It’s my first time posting here (don’t think it will be the last)
Need some help on a Korrex machine I’m planning to purchase.
Right now I’ve got to selleres offering me two Hannovers, but there’s no ink train on one of the machines. The price difference between the two machines is pretty remarkable, being the one without the train much cheaper. My question (guess its gonna sound silly) is: is the ink train essential for printing. Buying the one with no train would sime me some serious money right now, which is not a bad thing at all :)

Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Thanx in advance

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buy with ink train-better for polymer, unless you fancy hand inking with all its variables—press will hold its value over the years much more relatively, too expensive? to manufacture one if you need it later, maybe seller can take staged payments, pay bit at a time

My first time here too. Get the press with an ink train without any hesitation. As an owner of a Korrex Hannover, I use it without the rollers for proofs, trials or small prints, but for serious work, I can’t imagine to work without the inktrain.


Thanx a lot! Will def. have these usefull advices in mind.

an extra thought, you could photograph, make drawings/specifications etc of the ink train on the press you do buy, then sell them to to the guy without it……

About the Korrex machines, keep in mind that almost all parts are still avalaible from Max Simmel GmbH in Switzerland. But I prefer not to imagine the price of a separate inktrain :-).


I finally went for the one with ink train, a lil’ more cash will bring more happiness, that’s what i thought.
Cant wait for the machine to arrive. Thanks again for all the info & opinions.

fab-post a pic plus your product too. not seen one in real life……..