Heidelberg Windmill Roller Issues - Not fitting

Recently I just purchased a kit of rubber rollers for my windmill 10x15: 37HK Kit by Syntac.
I was able to get the form roller installed successfully, however, this weekend I attempted to change the distribution rollers (37 H10) and they did not seem to fit. I noticed the old roller seemed to have a straight tip and whereas the new rollers were tapered like the form rollers.
I recall someone mentioning that the rollers are slightly different in diameter but it seems odd that I was sold these roller as a kit and them not fit.
Any thoughts?

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Exactly the same happened with me, the trucks were too large too. The bearings were near impossible to apply and remove and the roller diameter seemed less as I had to lower the rails nearly all the way. I can only guess that they are selling a roller for a different press and just tapering the ends. Why I didn’t tell them I don’t know, I’m usually on the ball with complaining. Let us know how you get on.

p.s. think they were a canadian firm on ebay I bought them from.

my windmill rollers are all the same, i once had an older windmill that had a distributor roller with a straight shaft, the bearings are supposed to be pressed on the roller shafts, there is a press for this in the back of the press near where the throw off handle comes out the back.

I’ve 7 rollers, all with straight shafts.

The new rollers aren’t what they should be.

Even with the roller tool on the side the bearings are very very very difficult to remove and put back on.

More fool me for not sorting it out in time for a refund.

sounds like you have the wrong shafts. i’d check back with the roller company, you have nothing to loose.

Well some good new… If you have some of the original rollers still, the ones that fit in the machine, you can get them re-surfaced/ re-rubbered.

I had to do a little research and found a place:
Finzer Rollers. 816-429-6539. Janet will probably answer and she was a big help.

Good luck

One of my so called competitors if there is such a thing. Not a easy task making new rollers for antique undocumented machinery. Cant believe they wont give you a refund for rollers that do not fit.

It looks to me reading this that someone is producing rollers with a ten mm shaft as opposed to the spec 9mm ?

The original equipment Windmill 10x15 roller cores, called “K” cores, had a 9.5mm journal diameter. The bearings for these journals are very hard to find. I am told that Syntac makes cores that have a journal diameter of 10mm. I have had customers use our “K” cores with the 10mm bearings with very bad results. The OD is the same on both.
With enough force you may be able to press a 9.5mm bearing on to a 10mm journal. I would not recommend doing that.