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This is a old post but just for kicks...27 Dec
keep in mind 150lb is max for non...17 Dec
I fail to recommend Evans rollers due...16 Dec
Caslon makes a good quality roller and...14 Dec
If you want new roller and truck set....10 Dec
I could cut a new one out of flat...5 Nov
I normally have a couple sets in stock...24 Sep
rubber would be same sizes as trucks on...25 Aug
Nick Diamond has retired long ago. I...10 Jul
Golding was around...29 Apr
This started as a older post. I would...24 Dec
from the manufacturing side, Delrin is...11 Dec
I make rollers all new only for...17 Nov
That is 5x8 Imperial, very good press...4 Oct
I think the 9x13 was only made in the...20 Jul
I do remember them buying one of each...4 Jul
I did enjoy the AD Dicks we used them...28 Jun
Baltimore #10 late 1800's it will need...25 Jun
congratulation on finding that...23 Jun
I have seen this on Pearls it seems odd...29 May
looks like wrong trucks, what size...28 May
a small press like that has no rail...11 May
wow missed that 10 Apr
It is there biggest hand press Made...10 Apr
that is made by more commercially known...3 Apr
Nice9 Mar
Looks in good shape, not many of them...6 Dec
Dollar General stores and others have...7 Nov
chase size 2.5" x 4" , paper size 3"x...1 Nov
time for some new hooks, trucks look to...17 Aug
a good cleaning and remove paint off...9 Aug
ad / museum / browse to end of...28 Jun
it is time for new rollers, I have...3 Jun
If you want rubber rollers I have them...20 Apr
Ace has a good wire in 12" lengths by...10 Apr
I ship rollers up your way all the...6 Apr
your rollers are not a original design...7 Feb
What are your prices for small rollers26 Dec
Good as those new motors look they are...27 Nov
It is a good time to buy a letterpress...22 Nov