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cheap rollers are not your friend22 Sep
I make mine same size truck and rubber....31 Jul
technology has came a long way this...22 Jul
looks to be a early young American...13 Jul
I did find this one a little hard to...28 Jun
this even hits the real suppliers when...2 Jun
far as I have seen the French has all...1 Jun
I have seen that mostly on Goldings if...22 Apr
same size truck and rubber. 7x11 press...17 Apr
if you have a old core lock it in a...19 Mar
never heard about copies and...15 Mar
most american presses are same size...9 Mar
many presses have wrong size or design...4 Mar
more a collectors press then a users...1 Mar
I hope so we are all getting older, I...27 Feb
I have them in stock and Delrin trucks...30 Jan
That is a old one parts are going to be...12 Jan
I have spent years trying to ID the...31 Dec
I see what is going on you have...30 Dec
I do see the odd small spring on top...27 Dec
very nice. 27 Dec
what model do you have22 Dec
this is the only rider roller brayer I...30 Nov
They can be changed on those two. each...3 Nov
a little late but could be this one...22 Oct
all six of your trucks would be the...19 Sep
looks to be in good shape and complete...15 Sep
I say it is a Gem, a later similar copy...12 Sep
That is some good deals. 3 Sep
due to the endless phone solicitors, I...31 Aug
can't see your photo save as a pdf make...26 Jul
can you point to tabs you speak of..21 Jun
that would be the chase holder with the...20 Jun
in flexo the rubber and new modern soft...13 Jun
I have new roller and truck sets in...31 May
you are lucky to find the big one. all...31 May
it was hot but been hot many times in...25 May
Chicago Sigwalt a similar later copy of...25 May
44mm is 1.75 inch a common size for...16 May
roller and truck sets all new in stock...13 May