Kelsey Excelsior 6 x 10 Age

I have a Kelsey 6 x 10 that I am trying to date. The “Y” from May is missing in the casting. The type was locked in the chase using screws. The rollers have 16” cores, which I am led to believe dates this press to pre-1900. Any thoughts?

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check the Excelsior Press website, there is a world of info on this site.

Gravesb, post a photo as it is worth at least 1,000 words. It will generates more interest and will almost guarantee a response.

T and T Press Restoration

Tried to post pics yesterday evening but the y were too big. Two photos attached for anybody who can help. BTW - enjoyed visiting your website, Tom.


image: Kelsey2.JPG


image: Kelsey.JPG


i’m not an expert on Kelseys, i have several, this one you have is one of the oldest i’ve seen, Alan Runsfelt from Excelsior Press knows a lot about the kelseys, he might be able to help.

Brad, this press is indeed very old. I don’t know the exact era it is from but I would guess pre-1900. One element of this press that I can’t see is the squareish counter weight at the rear of the press. I have this same press though no chase. Another fellow has one yet without the gripper bar and the chase is riveted to the chase bed. It is currently for sale on ebay #10933022391. Two more photos would really help to determine the condition of your press. One of the rear and one from above with the platen open. BTW the model is a 2 1/2 and there is a photo in the museum of this press if it is a 5 X 8. Very interesting if yours is a 6 X 10 and of similar design..


There is no good documentation on letterpresses.
Here is a ad from 1899 magazine.

image: 1899 ad.jpg

1899 ad.jpg

3 more photos. 1 w/ platen open and 2 of the counterweight w/ platen open and closed. Inside chase dimensions are 5-1/2” x 9-1/2” . Looks an awful lot like the one in the ad.- Brad

image: Kelsey4.jpg


image: Kelsey3.jpg


image: Kelsey1.jpg


Very interesting, obviously it doesn’t have a counter weight like the 2 1/2 and its a 6 X 9. Todd’s advert image seems to be right. The border in the add is sure strange…

Well if anyone reading this should need a part besides the chase from a 5 X 8, 2 1/2, I’m here for you. One another note should anyone have a chase for this old Kelsey 2 1/2 press I would buy it.


Thanks for all of your feedback and help. I have rollers on order and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with this little gem.