Golding Official Junior 2x3

Does anyone know the original truck (and roller size) that came with the Golding Official “Junior” (self inking) 2”x3” press? I have searched but can’t find the answer.

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Hi Butch,

My records only go down to the Official No. 1 which had a 7/8” diameter truck and 1” roller. I suspect the Junior may have used the same as happens often in the larger Officials that also share dimensions. You can do some measuring between the centers of the hooks to see if these dimensions would fit.


Thanks John,
Many years ago when I got the press it had trucks and a deteriorated roller. The roller core was 3/16” diameter. The trucks were 1/2” OD and what was left of the roller looked to be 1/2” OD. The trucks didn’t look orig but were machined well.

The 1/2” rollers and trucks tracked type high and I mistakenly assumed that I would be ok with having a new 1/2” roller recast. I then realized that the rollers wouldn’t be high enough to properly ride on the lower 1/3 of the ink disk because the roller hooks were at their lowest spring position. I could raise the ink disk up with an 1/8”+ washer and the pawl still engaged the disk, but at that point I decided to see if someone knew the original size of the trucks or rollers so that I could properly replicate.

Upon your suggestion of a 7/8 diameter truck I raised the existing 1/2” trucks up to aprox that size on the rails. At that diameter, the roller hook shaft just about leaves it’s rear most socket-guide when it rises near the ink disk. Therefore, I’m guessing the orig truck diameter must be closer to 3/4”.

Before I make new trucks or slide bushings over the existing ones, I just thought I would see if there was someone who still had the original trucks on their “Junior” to verify the size. The press is more of a novelty to me, but I still would like to see it working.

Nice press

image: golding 2x3 2.jpg

golding 2x3 2.jpg

image: golding 2x3 3.jpg

golding 2x3 3.jpg

image: golding 2x3.jpg

golding 2x3.jpg

I have sent you some photos to your email address as I’m not exactly sure how to post here.