windmill gripper misregistration problems

Hi There
I hope somebody could give me some ideas on a problem I have with my windmill. Each windmill arm seems to position the sheet on the platen 2mm horizontally out of position in relation to the other arm. Vertically the registration is perfect. When you print a stack of sheets every other sheet is in register. ie the printing of each sheet is only consistent for each unique gripper bar . I get the same problem when running with or without guides. Is there some kind of adjustment that can be made to the windmill section to make the sheet pick up consistent or is it a job for an engineer.

thanks in advance


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Do you have your fine side guide adjusted all the way in (toward the platen)? If so you may be getting bounce from the sheet feeding too close the side guide.

Thanks for the reply - The guide is central - will check that out.
I get the same problem though when running on grippers only (no guides) which makes me think there might be some inconsistency in the gripper arms

There usually are. There is an adjustment for that. Do you have a manual?

unfortunately there is a possibility that the gripper carrier could be damaged.
if we can be of any assistance call whittenburg inc 615 212 0015

Thank you for your reply.

How would I know if the carrier is damaged?

swap your grippers over, if the problem is stil the same then that would give an indication that it could be the gripper carrier and not the grippers