removing rollers

Hi all,

probably a stupid question but…how do i take the rollers off of a Chandler & Price oldstyle??? I need to be able to take them off to give them a very good clean but can seem to work out how. I don’t to force them and risk damaging them.

Also does anyone know of a product similar to California Wash that is available in Australia?


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you need to stop the press with the rollers half way up the bed, this should take most of the pressure off the roller springs, there might be a pin that runs thru the journals to keep the rollers from jumping out when running, these have to be pulled out, then on the right side of the press you should find a stud that you can pull on to lift the journals so you can get the rollers out.

Well said, Dick! Buttons, the saddles might need a good pull, depending on how worn the saddle springs are. As Dick said, pull them straight out towards the platen. Get a good grip on the single saddle, it’s a little harder to pull than the double saddle, I use rubber gloves to get a better grip. Any more questions, don’t be afraid to ask here!

As to the California Wash question, I have not been able to find an answer. A brief survey of older printers yielded turps, kero and petrol.

I ran from the use of petrol indoors, tried kerosine but did not like the oily residue I detected after clean up and presently use mineral turpentine.

Not a riveting odour but it works well (with oil-based inks). I will be interested in any feedback from more experienced Australian printers.

petrol was always used in the old days, coleman fuel works well and doesn’t smell as bad as regular gas, there is an odorless mineral spirits

Success!!! Couldn’t find the pins but was able lift the journals by pulling the stud on the right. The journals opened much further on the right hand side but was able to lift the rollers out anyway. They actually came out very easily - I’m hoping that’s a good thing! …Now to get them cleaned up.
Thanks so much for the help and advice. It’s greatly appreciated!!!