Are all C&P OS Presses treadle-ready?

So, in the wake of our loss of one press, we’ve found ourselves in the position to possibly purchase another. It’s an OS C&P 8x12, but I haven’t gotten a clear answer as to whether or not we can use a treadle with it. Currently, it has a motor, and the photos I’ve seen have not specifically been of the crank shaft, so I can’t see from the photos whether or not I can remove the motor and use a treadle instead.

This is kind of a “duh” question, I’m sure, but I thought I’d go ahead and ask anyway since I know the answer will be helpful:

Do all OS C&Ps have the u-dip in the crankshaft?

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No, they do not necessarily have the “U” dip. However, you may be able to switch crankshafts for one that does, if you can find someone who is parting out a broken press

Bill is right… not all C&Ps had the crankshaft.

Just as a clarification on terminology: a crankshaft is the technical term for that shaft with the ‘u’ crank in the middle. This is the shaft that would receive a treadle. The straight shaft is the one that would not receive a treadle. C&P uses these terms pretty specifically in their literature, so if you’re looking for parts be sure to ask for a ‘crankshaft’.

Hope this helps,

Thanks! That helps a lot. :)

Terminology . Crankshaft is bastardized usage of the term Cranked Shaft .