Could anyone please help to identify this press? which chase size does this take and indeed how would I go about getting a chase and rollers.

image: printing press.jpg

printing press.jpg

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Looks like a 6 X 9… search for a chase, rollers and trucks aren’t hard to source, either Toddspresstime or Ramco Rollers. More importantly does it have an ink disc?

Looks like a Sigwalt Nonpareil to me because of the compression springs on the roller hooks. Does it say Golding on the casting? If it doesn’t, it is Sigwalt. As Ink Spot indicated, it looks like a 6 x 9, but a Golding chase will not fit a Sigwalt, and vice versa, so be sure you have the right manufacturer.


I agree with John… Looks just like my Sigwalt. “Nonpareil,” rather than “Ideal,” as the base is circular. An older Sigwalt, then.

The ink disc will be most difficult to acquire, but not impossible. You have (most of the pieces to) a higher-end tabletop press here. Most owners try to keep these things in one piece.

I might add to the above that your press (if it is NOT stamped Golding on it’s side) could be the smaller Sigwalt Nonpareil #24 which also utilized the stirrup side lever. It has a chase size of 5 x 7 1/2. The outer platen dimension is aprox 5 1/2 x 8 1/4.

The Sigwalt Nonpareil #25 has a 6 x 9 chase. One of the other members will have to post the platen measurements for that model.

In either case, if you would measure the outer platen dimensions (where your paper is currently attached in the photo), the id could be narrowed.

Should it be marked Golding, as some Golding presses may have had the wire springs replaced with compression springs, that platen measurement could also help in that models’ positive id.

No name on casting, so it must be a Sigwalt I assume? there is not ink disk and I need to source rollers and roller bearers. Any one aware of any good companies that reproduce rollers etc.