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Hi all; to any fellow Monotype / Linotype / Intertype / Ludlow or (god forbid) active pivotal operators out there, I’m starting a register of UK castors. The idea being, of course, that there aren’t many of us (we think) and it’d be good to have some sort of survey of UK casting at the moment. At the moment, it lives on a page on my type founding blog…

…and if there are people who’d like to be entered on it, please do send me the details. If you don’t want the intrusion of people contacting you from the internet, there’s no need to have any contact details on there. Even if it’s only a hobby, or if the caster’s currently inactive in a shed, it’d be really useful to know about it.


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I am 45 miles south and would like to think I have a mountain of knowledge, busting to be set free, and would be happy to contribute (as a volunteer) after my commitments at Amberely, providing your out side the inner London Emmision zone. Check me out on David and Elizabeths, Counter Press site re casting Pilcrows, there words not mine. The shot of the burger belly, and the oily hand “Guilty M lord” Apparently B, P.forward E mail address, please feel free if desireable. and I am looking to re-acquire a composition caster to be able to talk people through repairs and overhauls. As you have probably discovered, Monotype part numbers are pretty complex , so with a machine in view by both parties, talking through will be a lot easier, O K sorry I was the caster op, (and alleged mechanic engineer) and not the querty keyboard op. As evident. Mick.>>>>> d

recent post re Ed Denovan at Hell-Box Letter Foundry….

also Hedge sparrow Press-monocaster

Cockleshell Press has an Intertype

Maybe you should get in touch with Harry MacIntosh, of Speedspools, in Edinburgh. He’s got several Monotypes running of a Apple or PC. And he’s got a staggering collection of matrices and parts as well as a fantastic knowledge of Monotype.

Thomas Gravemaker, Dear Sir as I have reluctantly tried to drag myself into this century, via E mail, and we may have something in common! give me a shot via Briar Press, that seems to be accepted procedure, if it is shared common interest. I have just spent 40-50 (verry happy) hours rebuilding a very sadly neglected composition caster. Which is now receiving quite a lot of interest, from visitors to our local Industrial Museum , Print Shop, where everything is demonstrated fully working including the Monotype! The only exception is the Monotype keyboard which took on 2inches of water and probably some bat droppings, which is why possibly I am struggling. So it is just possible that some of the rubbish in my head may yet be re-cycled. Any third party enthusiasm is good news. Mick.>>>>>>>>>>>>> cted

check out Whittington press, Gloucester Typesetting services

Amberley Museum are always looking for volunteers who can operate/demonstrate and maintain their Monotype Composition Caster we’re always looking for volunteers to demonstrate all the various printing presses we have at the museum, also training will be given on the other type casting machines Linotype and Ludlow, contact the museum for details. 01798 831370

We have a Ludlow and the current list of mats in stock is at: which also lists those held by Andy Taylor at the Elrod Press.

thanks, all. The page has been updated whenever anyone’s put some new information my way.

Matt, I think you’re there already, but I’ll check the links are working.