Paper Question

I need some help finding a new paper. I’ve been using lettra just because that’s what I started with and it worked, but I’m ready to explore a bit more now that I’m comfortable. I’m looking for something with similar weight, not anything much more expensive, and similar impression-ability. I’ve seen some cards that have a bit more texture and are wondering what they’re using as I really like it. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Take a look at watercolourist materials , still horribly expensive but it will give you ideas and names of mills and suppliers of softer stocks than those used generally in todays printers ,little of it wouls suit heavy impression ,.

Silly of chance, and probably a red herring, acquired playing with my new toys i. e. internet and email. Terrific exchange with a cousin in Chicago, no contact for some 40 years!! He is a specialist car dealer there, but only deals in English Cars obviously all on left hand drive, and of course, has had to acquire a very wide range of printed matter. I assume advertising, agreement forms, publicity, l/headings, business cards etc. Consequently has over a long time, had to do a lot of finding out, or being advised as to what will suit his needs re paper. His printer of long standing, is supplied by a big company, who cover the whole spectrum. He has never bothered, or been privy to their proper trade name, but seems to think that it is linked to Fargo or Wells Fargo??? is he cracked or possibly correct, check it out maybe, if they exist under another name, they may just have the required specialist paper. But possibly verify whether, my cousin has flipped or not, he wont access B.P. Good luck anyway.

You can order swatch books and samples from Legion Paper. I like Lettra, but I have clients that sometimes want a different finish, texture, or color. I They have a bamboo that is nice. The Arturo comes in a lot of colors and varying weights. I’m thinking of trying out the Lanaquarelle 640gsm soon. Stonehenge has a smooth finish for a 100% cotton rag, and Colorplan has a huge variety of colors.

Revere Felt, Lanaquarelle, Arturo and Somerset all seem to have more texture than Lettra, if that’s what you’re after. Spend $30-40 on some good samplers and see what feels right.