Does anyone have a source for the vacu-formed plastic type cases that measure 12” x 18”?


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You’ve got me wondering if anyone still makes them.
How many do you need?
I passed up on a deal of about 10-12 of them at a recent get together a couple of weekends ago, going for pretty cheap. Most of them were the black ones, and a couple of the yellow ones that used to come with the Warner rubber stamp press kits.
I could check to see if they are still available.

I have about 150 of the black ones, mostly full and sitting on galleys, and a dozen or so of the yellow ones. The yellow “Warner” ones are slightly larger than the black ones and do not fit on a galley as well.
I find them all very useful.
I thought perhaps American Printing Equipment may carry them but I just checked and apparently they do not.

I need about 25 of them, but don’t expect to find them all at once. The black ones are the ones I am after. Thanks for checking.



I sent you an email through the private contact here.
We’re working on it…I’ve made contact and hopefully something will pan out.