Overall size of a C&P 8x12 Press

Could anyone help me out? I need to know the dimensions of a C&P New Series 8x12 to get a shipping quote, the height and width. Thanks so much!!

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Fellow Letterpress Printer,

A 8x12 new series press requires floor space of 41x48”. Crated it should weigh about 1200 lbs. maximum. Fully assembled the press needs 36” to pass thru a door. I would estimate the height at no more than 5’. Strpped the press can be much smaller in size. This is the best info I can give you. Hope it helps. It is a nice little press to work with. SAL

Thanks so much SAL, I appreciate your time! Bettina

I am curious if anyone could tell me how wide a C&P New Series 8x12 measures when facing it head on (as if ready to print)…

Hi Sunlit Media,
My 8X12 measures 37” from flywheel to flywheel when standing in front of the press. Hope this helps, Bettina