Kelsey 3x5 Models - How Many, Years Made, Etc.

Hi everyone,

I have been looking around online for some information with little luck. I am trying to find out what Kelsey 3x5 models were made. I know the Model C is one and I think I have seen a Model M. Are these the only two 3x5 models made? What years were they produced? What are the differences? Any additional fun facts?



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Check out and look for the Kelsey info! A great resource.

I know there was also a model N like that.
I think it was the last up-date [pins hold the chase in, the pivot bars have push on clips not hammered ends lighter over all.]
The orginal was the boat tail design, never seen it in a self inker but I do have the 5x8 boat tail and it is a self inker. patented 1873

image: $(KGrHqV,!i8FBh7zQ,)kBQhI60dWgg~~60_57.jpg