Wobbly Rollers on C&M Columbian No.3

I just got new trucks, cores and rubber rollers for our Columbian No. 3 Platen Press. When I installed the rollers I found the two arms that have the saddles at the ends are not moving in perfect concert - so the the rollers don’t roll smoothly. My hunch is that I need to replace a set screw that seems to be missing on the left side of the press. See the attached picture for a reference.

image: C&M-arms.jpg


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You’ll have to remove the “&” from the photo title to get it to post, maybe the hyphen too. The BP system doesn’t like special characters in file names. Try “CnMarms”.

It does sound like the connection between the two roller arms is loose somehow — they need to be and stay parallel.



I’ll work on getting the arms parallel