Paper stores in NYC

Hey All,

I’m pretty new to letterpress but I was wondering if anyone knew stores in the NYC area that I can walk into and look at papers before I buy them. I know you can order sample books from different places but I’d love to see if there was any types of stores that have a good variety of paper stocks. Thanks


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A few places on 18th st just off Union Square. Printicon and Papers Presentation.

Also some of the art supply stores like Central on 3rd Ave, Dick Blick on Bond Street, Artist and Craftsman on Metropolitan in Williamsburg.

Haven’t been to the Utrecht near Pratt.

Also deeper in Brooklyn is Limited. Do they have a storefront/access to the public?

Talas, which focuses on bookbinders, has a shop/warehouse in east williamsburg on Morgan Ave and they carry a lot of nice printmakers papers, rising board etc.

Legion has a sample book that I like- it’s listed here as Letterpress Selections. They charge for it ($6.95) , but I have found that I reference it frequently.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks Widmark, I went to Papers Presentation last night in the gross snow/rain and it was pretty cool. I do wish they had more letterpress specific stuff but I got something close to my needs and it’s a good last minute source.

I saw another place locally but didn’t want to walk in the slush any more -

Ever been there?

I’ve never been to greenwich letterpress, didn’t know they sold paper, just thought of them as a custom printer and stationery store. Who actually does their printing in NJ if I remember correctly!

Those places on 18th st aren’t the best options, but often the most convenient. Maybe both, or maybe just printicon, have a big paper cutter downstairs and will cut custom sizes for you I think.