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I have just purchased new rollers from the US for my 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill - when they arrived the have an extra bearing on them (refer to my attached picture) that mean I cannot fit them into the track roller. Does anyone know if I can purchase a different type track roller to fit with this, or do I need to try and have this bearing removed somehow.


image: rollers.jpg


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those bearings are pressed onto the shaft, if you have a windmill made after the 1950s there should be a bearing press on the back of your press, check your manual, it should show you, if the press doesn’t have one you should be able to use a small gear puller to remove it.

Your roller came to you in this fashion because in normal use you would move rollers up the machine if they were better than those up top and sent the worst ones for re cover , as Dick says you just pull them off if not required , dont grumble its always good to have spare bearings .

Why can’t you fit these in your press? You need bearing on your windmill rollers. Have you been printing without bearings? Maybe they don’t fit because they are worn from not using bearings?

Girl with a Kluge: The pre-1954 (or so) Windmills are not fitted for using ball bearings on the impression rollers. There is no relief cut into the roller saddles to accomodate the bearings. It is very important to keep the roller shafts on these presses oiled (not greased) as weird wear problems will occur if they are not taken care of. These wear patterns can range from the roller end takinga conical set, to cutting near the roller end with the shaft eventually breaking off.

From what I’ve heard, the ball bearings are a great idea, but there’s plenty of the older machines not set up for them.

some of the older h platens as mentioned dont have the bearing cups on the journals ,however a bit of effort and you can put the later journals on with the bearing fitting ,i know because i have supplied these journals for fitting in place of the old style.
I will admit i overlooked the point when i commented above !
As for the old style rollers breaking off yes that happens !!
I have a couple of old redundant rollers here that are part cut through , they will become hand rollers when i get around to it !!

They look like some I bought.

even with the tool on the side of the press the bearings were near impossible to remove. The trucks were also too wide so had to stop the end off them to get the bearings back on. Also the truck may have been to large as I needed to adjust the press all the way down for the rollers to be correct type height.

My own trucks wouldn’t fit on the damn rollers either.

Does anyone know where I can get decent rollers which are made for a heidelberg 10x15?

U.S ask whittenberg or Demers
U.K talk to Senior graphic machinery Or letterpress services .