Looking for 6 point Slugs and 2 point leads

Need slugs for my next printing project. Any know where I purchase some 6 pt and 2 pt lead strips about 10 pounds.

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Hi Aaron, I have a lot of 30 pica slugs and leads. If you need the strip material, M&H Type Foundry and probably NA Graphics has it.
Richmond, CA

You can call Frank at Madison Press in Lakewwod, Ohio. 216-521-3789.

Thank you I check them out.
Also 30 pica slugs and leads would work.
Need a price.
contact me:
[email protected]

M & H has strip material for $7.50/lb. Shiney new

I have leads and slugs, generally less than 30 picas. Not shiney new. $3/lb plus USPS flat rate postage. I can cut them to the lengths you want.


If you can cut them to 24 picas it would be great.

email the total cost.

[email protected]