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Here in Christchurch New Zealand the Ferrymead society have a dvd of the monotype digital remastered. A promotional film made in 1925. It is in great condition showing the manafacture of this wonder machine. Run time is 65 minutes.

Louis Young
Society President

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I believe this to be a very rare film !!
Would be very interested in having some feedback!

Mr Young Sir, I would be first in the queue if possible to obtain a copy if it were practical/possible and within reason affordable. I have this week attended an exhibition in London (Pencil to Pixels), in our Metropolitan Wharf on the Thames Embankment. Unfortunately the exhibition ends this day Friday 23rd, consequently the Narrator/Speaker will presumably be absent, from His offices at the former Monotype Factory at Redhill Surrey U.K (archives). I will contact Him regarding Your post, (although I may not be the first), and I feel certain that He will be on the hot line A.S.A.P. If your post had been a few days earlier, I am sure your film would have been running alongside others at the exhibition, which was very good!!! From Tolbert Lanston right up to the latest technology for digitising older typefaces and designing new ones re pixilation/resolution etc, including Monotype, Linotype, and application for all the new Hi-Tech, Hi-Spec systems. I would be very pleased to converse with you via E Mail and Briar Press. >>>>>>>>> Thank you. MIck.