Dodge ram commercial

Anyone notice the commercial? It is showing here in the Midwest, during football. The furniture and quoins. Quite an improper lockup.

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Last winter, while I was half-way watching an ad during a hockey game on CBC, one of those Ram Truck ads flashed by. “Ohmigosh” I said, as I sat bolt uprigh in my chair. “That was a form locked up in a chase!”. The next time I was on Briar Press, I looked it up. Here’s a discussion:

Of all things to show in a TV commercial … a platen press.

Here is a link to outtakes from the filming at the International Printing Museum in California. Pretty funny that they had to reverse the lockup, which would confuse some folks.

OOps here is the link:

…if only we had the hockey games this year to frame the Dodge ads… sob!