Help dating a Pilot

Hello -
This C and P Pilot was a real “in the barn” find, and was restored by T and T Press Restoration. Big shout out to their excellent work and attention to detail!

I was wondering if anybody could help me guestimate a manufacture date for this press? Not sure exactly where the stirrup handle comes into play, vintage wise..


image: DSC04681.JPG


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My mother once dated a pilot.
They hit it off and I’m here to tell the tale.


So sorry, Chris — I couldn’t resist. Hope you get the real info you are looking for from the knowledgable folks on this list.

The advice my father always gave was to offer flowers…

Yowza! I walked into that… It is cute, but I prefer humans.

Lango, that press is a sweetie, no matter which way you swing! Have fun.
Kudos to T and T Press Restoration!

I was told recently that there’s no serial number record of C&P Pilots like there are of the other, larger C&P letterpress machines, so you won’t be able to narrow down an exact date. You definitely have a New Style Pilot, which means it was manufactured after 1914.

The restoration is lovely, though. Great looking lil’ Pilot. I’d ask it out if I wasn’t already taken fo’ sho’.

A female acquaintance of mine once dated a pilot, and eventually married him, and they lived happily ever after.
How it happened was when her ship came in she was at the airport!
Sorry Chris, I couldn’t resist. If vaudeville ever makes a comeback, I probably be at the airport or going door-to-door with knock-knock jokes!