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I really want to like the "tape down...17 Jul
If you're planning on trimming down...17 Jul
I have a C&P Pilot tabletop press, and...14 Jun
To tear your own paper down to size...12 Jun
Arturo comes in a variety of sizes and...12 Jun
My suggestion is not to use L...24 May
Because a solid knock-out area will...19 May
I have a C&P Pilot. I currently use...9 May
There's also the Virginia Art of the...16 Apr
I really echo a lot of sentiments...11 Apr
Thanks, Tom. Would you have any set...11 Apr
According to this...10 Apr
Yes! I'll take a photo tonight to give...9 Apr
If you're not going to get rollers any...9 Apr
I'm glad I'm not alone. Haha. I get so...7 Apr
Arturo comes precut in many standard...4 Apr
I have a Showcard Model B, and because...4 Apr
You can find all kinds of pink paper on...7 Mar
So, I was digging through a box of...14 Jan
If you need new parts, Tom is awesome!...22 Dec
No hate from me; the L was my gateway...22 Dec
Arturo makes a very nice light blue and...18 Dec
I wouldn't trust a blade-based cutter...18 Dec
I'm not really sure if a Cameo would...9 Dec
I buy airbrush acrylics for models and...9 Dec
Thank you, Stuart!9 Dec
I placed an order a while ago via email...9 Dec
Steel! Yes. I mistyped. Thank you...6 Dec
I feel for you, I do. One of my first...5 Dec
Girl with a Klulge - the saddles move...26 Nov
Thanks so much for the suggestions...22 Nov
Oooh ... those trucks from NA Graphics...22 Nov
The L was my gateway drug into...12 Sep
Yes, as someone who has experienced...29 Aug
Oh! Thanks! I appreciate that. Now, to...29 Aug
If you find the perfect .023" shim...28 Aug
I have some that my father-in-law made...28 Aug
If the platen wasn't meant to be...22 Aug
Boxcar says on their site that, yes...13 Aug
With both our Pilots, we just lowered...13 Aug