Saddle not retracting

Hi everyone, first test run underway on my Chandler & Price NS 10x15. Everything seems golden with the exception of the lower left ( facing the press ) saddle arm not retracting. Is there an adjustment for the spring? It is as if there is not enough tension. When I compare the two springs they look the same from the back, I want to check to see if it is rubbing or catching, is this a hard part to remove?

Thanks for any help!


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I’d first suggest a good oiling. Usually there’s dried ink and crud that causes the saddle rod to bind in the frame. Oil from the inside of the roller arm frame as well as the outside.


Thank you Brad, do you mean just put oil on the outside of the rod as opposed to the chart specific areas? My father is a retired machinist, he seems to think there is a burr on the rod or in the shaft it moves in. Is it a major undertaking to remove the rod?

I meant oil inside the roller frame (on the spring and where the rod passes through the frame).

There may very well be a burr. It’s amazing how a tiny burr can cause huge problems.

It’s not a big deal to remove the rod. There’s a cotter pin that runs through the rod (at the back of the spring) that keeps tension on the spring. Move that pin and you’ll be able to pull the rod out of the roller arm frame. Be careful, though, that spring is under a lot of tension and will fly across the room if you’re not cautious. I’d recommend covering the frame arm with a heavy movers blanket (or something similar) that will keep the spring restrained.

Keep us posted.


Spring and rod removal is not hi-tech stuff, but it can be dangerous. That spring is under great compression and has been captive in the hole a long time. It wants out and will strike and damage anything in its way if not controlled.
Also give great and careful consideration on how you will get the spring back in. It doesn’t want to go back in the hole once it has enjoyed freedom. It works better with four hands. Keep faces out of line as you will likely loose control once or twice. Been there, Did it with only two hands. Difficult.

Thank you everyone, there was a build up near the bottom of the rod, all good now and I did not have to remove it!