Printing with Opaque white van son

I’ve just bought some opaque white van son - quickson series- and it seems this ink is thicker than any oil based I’ve used before. The ink transfer to the plate is very sloppy. Is the tack of the ink the issue? Even with less ink the hiss of the ink on the rollers was louder than I’m used to. Suggestions?
Challenge 15mp
Rubber rollers, one year old and good condition
Boxcar base with plate from Crown Flexo

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magnesium carbonate is used in lithography especially for direct/stone, hence “magging” the ink…………….

The heavy pigment load of this ink is what gives it the stiffness. You don’t mention whether or not the ink is printing well. Adding a varnish will reduce the viscosity of the ink, but will also lessen the pigment load, and not provide the hiding capability of the ink. It might take some adjustment to get it to print well on letterpress.

You’ll find a similar situation with some metallic inks.

Sometimes working the ink out on a slab with a knife will loosen the ink and make it lay better on the press.


Jhenry, ah yes… That part. It was not printing well at all. With the same roller setting I switched to a metallic silver and the inking was very good.
I’ll try some varnish next time, but I’d like to not have to double print each sheet.
Paul, that’s a good practice that I should do more of. For etchings I always work the ink for a long time but I need to apply the same practice to my letterpress printing.