I was recently looking for crankshaft for my 8x12 Oldstyle C&P press so I could attach a treadle. I was contacted by a chrisf445/Kristopher Flamer, about a treadle and crankshaft he had for sale for $350 including shipping from California, I live in Ohio. I thought that was a great deal until he mentioned that he would accept payment via Western Union which threw up a red flag for my wife because many scams are done through Western Union. Also he attached a picture of it that I recognized. Through doing some searching I found the same photo on Fritz Klinke’s of NA graphics Flickr account. These photos by the way were uploaded to Flickr in 2006. I even emailed Fritz and asked him if he knew anything about it being for sale. Fritz confirmed to me that the treadle was on a press and was absolutely not for sale. I asked Kristopher why there was such a distinct similarity in he photos and he said they were not the same. Ill let you guys make your own conclusions of this situation, I just wanted to warn heavily about watching who you may do business with and watch for any red flags, such as the Western Union on. I have attached some files to illustrate somewhat how this situation unfolded and how I fished for any sign of truth.

image: 1.jpg


image: 2.jpg


image: 3.jpg


image: 4.jpg


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Yes, very scummy. And I would suggest not doing business with this person. Definitely the same photo. Slightly altered in photoshop is all.

It would be one thing to say, “Hey, I actually DO have this. Sorry, I was too lazy to take a photo. Here is a photo with the parts AND today’s newspaper and my dog russ. Also, here’s a verifiable address and place of business. Also, if you check my flickr, here are pics of me and russ. Here’s my drivers license. Please feel free to look me up in the yellow pages and/or google me. I’m reputable and have references.”

If he denies it is the same photo, its obviously a scam.

I recently sold a Kelsey and got 4-5 attempts at check-scams per week for the month it took me to find an actual buyer. And as you mentioned, any mention of Western Union is usually a surefire sign that its a scammer. Be careful out there, people.

Ya I am just lucky that I recoginized the photo. Also there are parts of the press that have nothing to do with the crankshaft or treadle in the photo. It just really upsets me that someone would use this site to do such a thing.

Glad you didn’t get swindled.

If you’re still looking for a treadle, try Hern Iron Works


They are definitely legitimate!


If you smell a rat its a rat.
Paying by Western Union is not a crime, but it’s always the preferred way of the scammer.
Usually the overly verbose sentencing and poor grammar with poorer spelling gives these scammers away.
His English is good but that doesnt mean anything. Constantly mentioning shipping address worries me too.
I would always veer away if its seems suspect. Failing that, send your phone number and ask for theirs. Obviously it would be a US number calling you back.
I recently posted a vintage motorbike on ebay UK for a friend and we had a scammer trying it on.
He/she was sent away with a flea in their ear.
Good luck in your search for a treadle. It is often worth paying the premium (when necessary) to deal with known traders via this site.
And to Kristopher if you’re legit make yourselves known to us Briar Press members and we’ll all take a slice of humble pie (with Custard in UK and Cream in the US).

I have actually a crankshaft on the way from someone else and will be getting a treadle from hern.

“I recently sold a Kelsey and got 4-5 attempts at check-scams per week for the month it took me to find an actual buyer.” -kimaboe

How did you know they were scams?
Just trying to make sure I can spot them when the time comes.

There are plenty of scummy people out there. I haven’t personally dealt with anyone I think was trying to scam me, but I am aware there are plenty of people out there. Fritz Klinke is legit and runs a great company. Paul at Bindery Tools is also a great person to do business with. Those two guys have earned my business for life. Thanks for posting this. I appreciate the heads-up!

The crankshaft is actually coming from Paul. I agree great guy very helpful.

Oprion, there were various approaches, one that repeated itself several times was a a story about having a friend who lived locally pick it up, and that friend would give me a check. For some reason he/she could only pay by check and would add an extra $50 for the inconvenience.

Apparently this is a common strategy for Craigslist scammers who are trying to get you to accept checks, not just bank-transfers or cash.

Broken english was definitely a recurring feature of these emails, I am pretty sure the poor english was faked to confuse me, the seller, about what exactly was going on. That would probably make it easier for the scammer to stall you later by claiming there has been a misunderstanding etc.

Buy/Sell locally if possible and if buying, always inspect the press first, do research on what to look for in terms of repairs or missing parts.

to all

we are told that many millions of $ go out of Australia each year to scammers.

Recently a friend was given a phone message that he had won $4million just because he bought a card for his mobile phone (cell phone). All they wanted was his banking numbers so they could pay in the $4million.

Another friend advertised a car (automobile) for sale, first day received 5 phone messages, all almost identical, saying that the caller had just arrived in Australia, to leave the car at the aerodrome, and give them the details of banking so money could be paid in.

I get many calls trying to tell me that my computer was about to fail, and to follow their directons; they claimed to be representing a service agent, but my phone showed


as the place of origin of the message.

Perhaps I miss some genuine offers, but that is safer than responding.


Nicholas, glad you trusted your instincts, and avoided what looks like a trap. Based on this evidence, we have blocked the user from Briar Press.

Unfortunately, this measure doesn’t prevent determined scammers from joining the site with different email addresses.

To all: if you think you’ve been contacted by a scammer within Briar Press, please forward the entire message thread to spam @ briarpress.org. This is the fastest way to alert us to possible fraud, and to stop the scammer before more damage is done.

Before giving money to anyone, be sure to take these additional precautions:

* View the user’s profile page by clicking on the username link. Is this person a new member of Briar Press? Has he or she made any posts on Briar Press? Are there any external links that would help establish an identity?

* Upload any photos you receive to Google’s image search page. Using just an image, and without any search terms, Google can find matching images anywhere on the web.

Most Briar Press users are trustworthy people, but every community has corrupt elements. Keep your eyes open for the signs, and be safe out there.

Elizabeth & Eric

Have you priced out a new one? I did not pay that much for mine new one from Hern Iron Works ( CP 10x15 NS ) I think with shipping it came to around $230.00 to Canada, not only that because I sent a wire transfer it came up about $10 short.. they just said “merry christmas”..