Possibly a Hohner…

Hello there Briar Press members!
This is my first post, so i hope it’s in the right section.
Forgive any mistakes…

I recently bought my first platen press after months of searching and dealing. I live in Greece and, unfortunately these presses are considered to be pieces of antiquity and are really overpriced.

The problem is that i can’t be sure what kind of press this is. It is very similar to a press named “Kronos”, after the factory that used to produce them, in Athens, Greece, but it doesn’t have the Kronos logo (seen in the picture named “Kronos”).
It looks like a Hohner but i can’t be sure. The grippers are missing, so i want to find some technical specifications and maybe some manual in order to make them myself.

Thank you!

image: DSCN0425.jpg


image: DSCN0436.jpg


image: DSCN0459.jpg


image: Kronos.jpg


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