How to size and OS C&P without the chase

Hi! I just bought an Old Style Chandler and Price press. The man i bought it from knew nothing about it. I know the best way to determine the size is to measure the inside of the chase, but unfortunately the pressing is missing a chase(in the maket if anyone can help me determine what size I need) At first I assumed it was an 8x12 but the year on the impression bar says 1885 and according a serial number chart I found, 8x12s were not made in this year. So now I am wondering if it could be a 7x11. The platen measure approximately 10x15. Anyways- any have any advice or good sources to determine the correct size? Thanks!

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There should be a serial number on the upper left corner of the bed. When you look up the serial number it will tell you the year and size. I use this list:

The platen on an 10x15 is about 18 inches wide, so likely this is an 8x12.

I suspect Arie is right. The platen on a 7x11 measures 8.25x13.625. If I was at home I could measure my 8x12. Maybe you will get an answer from another 8x12 owner.

So… I borrowed an 8x12 chase from a friend and when I put it in my press it was about 3/4”-1” small side to side.
The chase is secure when I lock it in, but I’m a little stumped why it is so much smaller… there isnt a size in between the 8x12 and 10x 15 is there? According to the serial number, it looks like it should be a 8x12.

Are you sure the chase is a standard C&P chase. It may have a part number in stamped letters, the second number will be 8. The literature available doesn’t list another size.

photo of the chase in the press??