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I’m about to finally buy this press that I recently had identified here in the forum as a “Rapid” from A. Hogenforst!

Now to the question; is it possible to die cut with such a press?


image: IMG_1421_600.jpg


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Pretty press.
The answer is probably, but not very much.
You will need a jacket for the platen. It is not a heavily built press and will not develop the heavy pressure of a die cutting press. You can probably cut small circles and similar small patterns. You will only know when you try. A temporary simple sheet metal jacket can be taped to the platen and shimmed to the right height.

Thanks for the answer! Alright, I will give it a try when I’m getting used to the machine… I didn’t really get it with the metal jacket though, what can it look like?

Do you know what a cutting die looks like and where to get them?
The die is sharp like a slightly dull knife. You want it to cut through the paper, but not to damage the platen. A protective steel plate is attached to the platen and the die cuts against this. The plate is .050” thick and is attached with flat head machine bolts to holes drilled and tapped in the corners of the platen. A temporary jacket can be taped to the platen and shimmed to correct height.

Yes I know how the die cut tools work and look like, and I understand what you mean with the steel jacket now… Thanks! Do you mount the die cut in the chase as you normally do with the type or plates?

I wondered because I’m buying the press from a closed down print shop and they have plenty of die cut tools laying around… If I find any useful ones I can probably get them for free with the purchase…

Is Ola a flika name?
Yes. You lock the cutting die in the chase. Don’t forget to remove the rollers when die cutting.