Polymer plate shoulder angles

Good afternoon, I have a question regarding Polymer plate shoulder angles. I wonder if there’s a way to determine if the shoulder angle’s is 25º or 30º, or maybe there’s a specific method (time of exposure, distance to UV light …) to get the specific angle. I suppose it depends of the equipment/materials that you’re using. As for me, I work with a nyloprint 22x30 CW unit and use KF95 shore hardness 67, maybe anyone happens to have experience with this equipment and can be helpfull, anyhow I gladly appreciate your time and interest.

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The shoulder angle on photopolymer plates is determined by the amount of light spread which occurs under the negative. In most flourescent-equipped units, the bulbs are close enough to the surface, and diffuse enough, to provide the proper shoulder exposure.

If you are exposing with a point-source or undiffused light, there will be very little spread and the further the light is from the surface, the less will occur. You can adjust this somewhat by using diffusion sheeting to help diffuse the light and provide more shoulder exposure.