Rocker Lock Spring mechanism for C&P OS question

I have recently acquired an 8x12 C&P OldStyle platten press. It runs just fine as is, and has for many years. I discovered a spare unused part (the rocker lock) and want to attach it to the press again to add stability and keep the machine happy. The spring attachment mechanism is missing. I figure I will construct one from hardware store springs and bolts, but am wondering if anyone out there has one I could have/buy or if anyone simply has a good photo/diagram/schematic of what it SHOULD look like.


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I probably have that part. Give me time to look.

That would be wonderful!
Let me know if one surfaces.

Lizabam, I’m sorry but I do not have the part you need.

well, thanks for looking.
do you by chance have any photos or diagrams that could aid me in reconstructing one?

thank you for your time.


I have posted 3 photos on my Flickr site of the spring. Hope it helps. Go to this url.[email protected]/8343333684/in/photostream


Thank you Mike! It is a lot simpler than I thought it might be. I really appreciate the photos.


To follow up: I simply combined a compression spring, a 7 inch carriage bolt, some washers and a nut — and it works like a charm. It took some wiggling, tightening and loosening of the casing that secures the rocker plate to the back shaft—and then i filed the leading edge of the rockerlock to encourage it to seat properly. After some lube and some encouragement, it seems to be functioning properly. A stronger spring wouldn’t hurt, but for now this seems to be doing the trick. I figure the press will take a little while to “break in” the new addition, but so far, so good. Thank you all for your help.

image: rockerFix.jpg


image: RockerFixBolt.jpg


And here’s a video:

A stronger spring would probably help but the amount of surface engaging is about right. I have seen several presses where the lock doesn’t go all the way in.