Heidelberg windmill clutch slipping

I am having some issues with the clutch on my press slipping once in a while. I was reading some older posts on how to clean off excess oil by squirting some press wash on the “cone” of the brake. I am not sure where this would be? would I need to remove the oil sponges under the red oil cover and put the press wash in there?

I know how to tighten the clutch but am thinking I would like to try this option first, as I think I may have been over oiling this part of the press. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers:)

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Assuming you have the parts book , Pages 40/41 the start of section D has an illustration shows part T0402 that is the cone you will recognise its situation easily .

Thanks Peter!

“Kupplungskonus, Komplett” :)