Paper Pushers

Good afternoon.
New year, new questions;-)
I again need your help!
You can send me pictures of the pusher paper (as in the photo)?
As I understand it (I do not have that spare parts. I only have corners that push the paper) on the corners that push paper, are springs (black) or metal plate.
I can not understand how these pushers and why you need these springs at the corners.
Thank you very much and all the best!
Sincerely Sergei.

image: korrex_pushers.jpg


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I think what you have indicated are the front register guides of the press. These adjust to assist with close register of colors or images to each other, or to straighten “crookedness” if the printing form is crooked in the bed. You need only use two of the four, the other two being cranked back a bit so they don’t touch the lead edge of the sheet. Use the two outside ones if your sheet is wide enough to allow it, otherwise use the middle two.

The “springs” should simply keep the paper from going over the top of the guides, assuring that the guides work correctly on each sheet fed to them.