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Typeface identification


Can anyone help me identify the typeface in the following images?

I was given several cases with different sizes of this several years ago and told they were Cochin (which I’m pretty sure isn’t the case). I’ve recently identified some of the cases as Bembo but am having trouble finding these even though I feel they are something fairly common.

Thanks in advice for any help.


image: type1.jpg


image: type2.jpg


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Hello Susan:

Your informant appears to have been correct that these two faces are Cochin. Type 1 looks like Cochin Open (Sol Hess, Monotype 18-36 pt, 1927), while Type 2 is Cochin, aka Cochin Old Style (Sol Hess, Monotype 6-36 pt, 1917; or ATF 6-14 pt, 1925).

My source is Mac McGrew’s American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century, page 96-97.

By the way, Skyline Type Foundry currently offers Cochin in 18 pt, cast from Monotype matrices.


image: Cochin (Old Style).jpg

Cochin (Old Style).jpg

image: Cochin Open.jpg

Cochin Open.jpg

Here are copies of the Lanston specimens for

Cochin (Hess), Lanston No. 61, in display sizes:

Cochin Open (Hess), Lanston No. 262:

and just to distinguish it, Nicholas Cochin, Lanston No. 461

David M.


Thanks so much. I guess I was just not finding the right variants of Cochin. So glad to have the mystery solved.