What type of press would this be??

Good day everyone! My name is Wynter and I am new to letterpressing. :-) I have been on this board reading a lot of comments and valuable information that many of you seasoned professionals have shared. First I would like to say “Thank You”. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to assist any and everyone. I am looking forward to receiving and taking in more valuable information about letterpressing.

So here is my question:
I found a possible press for sale, however I am trying to find out what type/model it is or if it may be missing parts. Can anyone classify this?…

image: image.jpg


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Here is another image

image: image.jpg


image: image.jpg


Hello Wynter, because your new: welcome to ‘printing in letterpress’ and not to ‘letterpressing’. It looks to me that your ‘printing press’ misses the roller(s). I’ve never seen any press like this and I hope you’ll be able to get it working. Good luck!

Unless I’m mistaken, this press is a simple press used in offices to stamp documents using rubber plates and a pad of ink (like a standard rubber stamp ink pad). No rollers involved in the process.

The image plate rests on the ink pad until called into use, when the document is inserted on the opposite side and the lever tansfers the plate to the document, leaving an imprint of the plate on the document being stamped.

Some of these used rubber type which could be reset for date or location information, etc.

Hello Thomas. Thank you for the correction. I had a feeling I was incorrect with my terminology.

Jhenry, thank you as well for explaining this type of press. Do you know if there is a special type of ink pad needed for this press?

i have one but it doesn’t look quite as old as yours, it takes the same pad that you would use for rubber stamps. i have used regular rubber stamps stuck with double sided tape on my press.

Thanks dickig. What is the name of this press? What would you pay for it if you found one to purchase?

Also, since it uses a stamp, does it impress the paper or just stamp on it??

They are cool looking little machines but there are no adjustments for impression and because they use a stamp pad inking is a problem, they are not made for a deep impression, you would be better off getting a different press, this is not really made for printing.

Make a note pad that will sit neatly in the oblong area at the back of it , wax polish the machine , place on stand in hall next to the phone qwith a pen . A nice industrial decoration that dont drip oil on the floor of the living space!

@Peter, a very charming idea. Hmmmmm. Food for thought :-)