pulley for C & P / 10 x 15 New Style

Hello! We just acquired a 10 x 15 / C & P new style, it came with a motor, but the pulley appears to have been removed from the press itself. Any ideas of where I can find a replacement? Thanks so much, Jeff

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Are you sure the motor wasn’t driving the flywheel?


Thanks Bob, I’m actually not sure of that… I’ve never seen that configuration, but it sure seems possible. If that is the case, where do you mount the motor? THANK YOU!

Many times the motor is mounted on the floor behind the press, on an adjustable mount so you can adjust belt tension. (You can get the same effect by hinging a board to the floor in front of the motor and mounting the motor on the board. You then want the belt to be short enough so the motor is supported by the belt tension.) Many folks use a very small V-pulley on the motor and a long-enough belt to reach around the flywheel. This gives you a good deal more reduction than the conventional driven pulley on the press, which is about half the diameter of the flywheel. If you put a crowned pulley on the motor you could use a flat belt around the flywheel.