Font Identification

Can anyone tell me what the font style displayed in the images is called?

image: Font - 02.jpg

Font - 02.jpg

image: Font - 01.jpg

Font - 01.jpg

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This is truly bizarre. I just came up from the basement shop after setting a poster which incorporated this very face!!!!!

Your face is Modified Gothic. There is also a Modified Gothic Condensed, a Modified Gothic X Condensed and Modified Gothic XX Condensed. There was no lowercase for this series.

The ModifIed Gothic series was manufactured by the Hamilton Wood Type Company.


The 1899/1900 specimen book, that I have, does show a lower-case, in every size. The Hamilton numbers, for the widths of Modified Gothic, were; 645, 646, 647 & 648; yours being No. 645.
— Dave Greer

Dave, you are absolutely right. I came out of the shop late last night when I saw this query and responded. Should have checked my catalogs before posting. I have a bunch of this series and all of mine are u/c and figures only.


One last item. I don’t have a source for where I got my info, but on my file cards for this face I have noted that it was originally a Tubbs design.