How to find out the price of a letterpressed book!?


Does anybody know someone that can price letterpressed books? I have been working for the last years on a book that is now almost finished and though i dont intend to sell them all i would like to know the exact price they would be, should i sell them…

Just to give more of an overview, it is 350 pages (21cmx23cm), 8p baskerville- handset, printed on a vandercook proof press, will have at least 50 woodcuts printed throughout, and will be handbound in hardcover.

is there someone who knows?

I am very unaware of how letterpress is thought of in the world, wether people are still interested in a letterpressed book, for example museums or galleries- if anyone has some advice on the art world and letterpress, i would love to hear!

Thank you, and best of luck in all of your own projects,


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Instead of “letterpressed” how about books printed by the letterpress process or printed by letterpress. Though I’ve noticed the word “letterpressed” on posted comments I don’t think it is a graphics or printing term… Sorry, kind of rubs this “old salt” the wrong way.

I would determine a cost per hour for my time, multiply it by hours spent setting and throwing type, making ready,printing and binding. Mark up the paper and cuts 30% add it all up then add another 10%. You may have a very expensive book, but if the subject and execution is worthy someone will buy it.

look at website Fine Press Book Association artists/printers and compare

There is a good article about pricing for book printers by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds in Fine Print Magazine 1987 Vol. 3, pages 134 -137.


Thank you! Its a good start, and I have remembered a friend who sells his books (that he prints by letterpress) so i will bring mine to him for an opinion.