Letterpress in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Is there anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that restores or fixes presses? I’m searching for a kelsey or craftsman 5x8 or 6x10. I don’t want to end up with one that needs a ton of work or breaks without a local resource. Has anyone had experience in the area with repairs or restoration? Anyone know where to find a press locally? They seem to all be for sale in the Midwest, California, or Northeast part of the country.

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You might try looking in the phone books for Dallas and Ft. Worth for used printing machinery dealers. Sometimes they take in old stuff like that, or know where it can be had. They would also know where anything you find could be repaired.


I’m happy to help you. I’m in Mckinney, TX.

Inky Lips Press

Thanks for your help!

Try Herb at A1 Southwest Printers supply. He’s a sweet man and does great work.