Press ID? WA state

This turned up on CL recently. Anyone know off hand what press this is?

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I actually just asked this question here:

Didn’t see your post before I posted mine. I made a follow up post on my thread - may be some help to you.

Do you plan on going down to check this press out in person? If so, I’d love to hear about it.



I was just curious about this one, and I thought there was a chance it was a 7x11 that could help repair the broken one others have been discussing recently. The one difference I noticed was the curve or dogleg in the link between the frame and the inking arms.

I’ve got enough presses to work on, so there’s no way I head down to Roy to buy that. It’s always tempting though. The same guy is selling an old paper cutter too think. Both seem overpriced to me.


Thanks for the info. I talked with the gentleman who’s selling it on the phone and he mentioned there was some brazing done on both the cutter and the press. So yes, $500 each seems a bit overpriced.