Help Identifying a Press

I was interested in purchasing this press off of Craigslist. It looks just like an 8x12 OS Chandler & Price, but it has no make markings on it anywhere.

Does anybody have any insight on whether this may have been a knockoff and the quality of such a press compared to an original C&P? Thanks!


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Realize that the Thorp Gordon press preceded the C&P but was basically the same press — C&P bought the H. H. Thorp Co. so the C&P is not the “original”. Also a couple of other manufacturers made a nearly identical press, but I believe theirs were marked with their name; I don’t know about the Thorp Gordon. And of course George P. Gordon made his own version. Paul Aken surely would know about the different Gordon-style presses that were built.


Thanks Bob. And, thanks for the correction. I’m learning some history here.

I was able to find this tread about, what looks to be, an identical press: (notice the counterweight on the flywheel of both)

Looks like it may be a S&L Oldstyle Gordon or a general Gordon. I’ll try and look for serial numbers when I go look at it.