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I continue to learn printing on Windmill and now I’m interested in the question of colors.In my main work, I use 100% cotton paper from Gmund and and I noticed that the print of the solid is not quite the thing I’d like to see (foto). So I decided to experiment with different papers.

I take Gmund (100% cotton) 600 gsm, Arches 420 gsm and Splendor 300gsm. Set roller gauge as you you can see it on foto (base and roller gauge from boxcar). I used vanson rubber base plus ink without any additives (pantone process blue). Solid printing looks good only on Splendorgel, not bad result on Gmund but it would be MORE solid.

The question is in which direction to go? Use additives? I would like to understand how you do in this situation? Waiting for your advice and suggestions)

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Letterpress guru’s need your help!

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Matching specific inks to specific papers is always a bit of trial and error. Mouldmades like Arches tend to need to be dampened to achieve the desired results.

An additive that might help is Setswell Compound, which allows the inks to flow across the flat surface better. You don’t have small detail so this might work. You can get this at any printmaking supplier.

This piece required Setswell Compound, as well as special inks and some unusual presswork tricks, but it worked.