Where to purchase magnesium plates

For my thesis Im creating a unification of graphic design and braille. The Braille designs we be de-bossed into the paper and i’m looking for a super crisp and tactile embossing that will hold up to touch. From what I can tell the magnesium plates are the away to go, but i’m having a problem finding a “authentic” or non shady looking website to purchase from. Any places I should look at or other materials I should try printing on?

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Just a little blast from the past, as you are hinting “authentic”etc, in the mid seventies when letterpress was in its death throes, (here in U.K.) to make way for all the litho related equipment, mountains of stuff went for recycling (scrap) and I frequently, was press-ganged to run it in, (of course a few scraps got stuck in the corners of my van!!!!) but I felt justified because,I WAS THE ONE who on several occasions, was admonished for presenting supposedly, MAGNESIUM based material, 6 x 6 wooden cored mounting blocks and in some cases backing plate material, for use with register hooks??? I was not in a position to question so when told “panic panic” its magnesium,(our expression would be that which eminates from the rear of male cows/) it will self ignite when wet etc etc, so of course we will have to drop the price, I had no choice but to take the bill of sale back to The Management and be admonished twice, hence the %age that inadvertently got stuck in my van>>>> thats my story and I stand by it, but perhaps tread gently, as it appears your Health and Safety are up to speed, if it is mag based material involved??? May be useless or irrelevant but way back a whole spectrum of materials were employed for,either printing from or embossing, 4 colour process plates from copper, zincos (zinc) frequently turned in as embossing dies (to destruction unfortunately) engraved steel about 1/4 of an inch thick, which mounted on cornerstone furniture 2 em girder on its side withstood runs to infinity!!! brass or copper plate about 1/8 of an inch thick, etched or engraved, mounted to type high, also indestructable for embossing especially for heat transfer with hot foil. The steel brass and copper options would virtually last forever, even if you were punching tin!!! Good Luck, Drive Safely Mick

There are quite a few regional engraving sources, but Owosso Graphics in Michigan is probably the largest, and does provide good service cross-country.

You probably would want to order their embossing die set. You can call them to inquire further. Here is their website: http://www.owosso.com/