3 phase or not to three phase

I & H on behalf of Enrique and Myself , Thank You, for your tutorial re 3 phase>>>>here in U,K. I am fully up to speed with our 3 phase @ 400+ volts (I have wired three small units for three phase, letterpress, by the book!!!) but your tutorial has clarified COMPLETELY, your 2 x 120 at home, a buddy has often tried to bring me up to speed, but insists on using terms like “2 hot legs x 2 = 240 single phase” now I get the plot, Thanks. Mick

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You are very welcome! I didn’t want to go to into all the technical jargon ha. If you guys need any other info I can help (as much as I know) and if it’s above my head I can ask my bud that is a electrical line man that works on power lines!

I wanted to attach diagrams but figures it would be to much a different language lol