Windmill RIder Roller guide pieces and hex screws

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can take a quick picture of these two parts for me. I have the roller, but not positive I have the hardware. I have two coffee cans of bolts, screws and nuts, but I am pretty sure I don’t have what I need to attach the roller. Hopefully I am just missing them somehow.

2 Guide pieces Ref T 901.015. and
2 Hex head screws 8 x 25 mm Ref J6

Thank you in advance!

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Just order a couple from whittenberg (USA) or senior graphic machinery (UK) for the time you will spend looking for them you may as well buy a couple .
If you want you can make a couple for an hours effort the guide part when viewed in profile looks like a top hat .
the crown of the top hat shape sits in the rider roller end fixing slot the bolt goes through the arm into the top of the hat and exits through its base in the form of a captive nut .
For further clue study the front roller height adjuster on a 1960s lawn mower .

Thanks Peter.