Vandercook Universal 1 Sound

My Vandercook Universal 1 started making a sound recently. It happens in trip and print and sounds a little bit like a Tuvan throat singer. I don’t see any gears grinding against each other. Could it be a bad bearing? Any info would be much appreciated.

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My first thought….
It could be the bearings on the inking system drive cylinder. They may need some lubrication.

Does it happen when the drive roller is spinning/press is on, but cease when press is off? How about when the carriage is at the feedboard but press is on; how about when carriage is at end of print cycle/end of the bed, with press on /off; or is it a sound you only here when carriage is in motion?

I only hear the sound when the carriage is in motion with the form rollers lowered into the inking position and the vibrator and rider lowered and engaged with form rollers. It sounds like the sound might be coming from the rear form roller (with the gear on it). I’ve heard a worse sound on another vandercook before coming from that same place; the problem that time had to do with the timing of the gear.

I would guess that the rear form roller gear is incorrectly seated on the shaft. You might want to make sure it hasn’t come loose- It may be that it is shifted to one side and grinding against something.


and/or is slipping some as the press is driving forward- is your inking slurred?
Secondly, what’s the condition of the bearings on that roller? When the inking system is tripped, does it roll freely?
If you lift the rider and osc. rollers out of the way and engage the inking rollers, can you rotate that roller at all while the gear is engaged with the rack?