What is the best adhesive for paper

I am looking for a professional adhesive that does not curl the paper but has a strong bond. I make a lot of pocket folders and also labels.

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Pocketed folders usually assembled with double sided tape that does not dry out , those that dry out tend not to have a shelf life, that makes them pretty useless.

as well as the double sided tape I have seen people use the hot melt glue guns in which are inserted the glue sticks, this was being used on heavy weight board folders with a pocket.

What about for labels- I need to find an adhesive that will go all the way to the edges without gooing over the edge. I use ATG tape a lot but need an alternative to tape some sort of dispenser that lays down a think coating of glue.

I guess there are machines about that will do this but have you thought of buying gummed paper it comes in a host of colours, as well as having a letterpress collection at home I work for a commercial printer we would use gummed paper or the self adhesive type like fasson, it comes crackback or solid back it would be printed litho/ letterpress so many up then I would kiss cut with cutting rule on heidelberg platen, you can also buy this self adhesive pre kisscut with the size of labels you require other than that try one of those pritt sticks.

Print on gummed would be cheapest as you just wipe the back with a paint brush and lay them down with a dry soft cloth .

I will look into the gummed paper- you said they come in papers that are letterpress friendly or high quality. My project I am looking into is labels that are adhered to the front of an Annual Report cover. Therefore the paper must be high quality so that it takes an impression like the soft cotton letterpress papers.

Check out both Neenah Paper for Classic Crest pressure sensitive label and Mohawk Paper for Superfine or Strathmore Writing label. They are all terrific quality sheets, and will print beautifully.